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These Morons Can’t Do Anything Right: Fed’s New CBDC Hacked Just Six Days After Its Launch

BanksterCrime: We spend a lot of time wondering about the future and where all of this crazy will go in a world full of unthinkable nonsense. “Future Headline Friday” is our satirical take on where the world is headed if…

Gold Is the Most Trusted Currency in the World and Has Been for Over 2,500 Years. However, With the Advent of Bitcoin, There Is Now a New Alternative to Dollars

by Tyler Durden Friday, Jun 30, 2023 – 04:40 PM Authored by Nick Giambruno via, International Man: For over 2,500 years, gold has been mankind’s most enduring money. However, with the emergence of Bitcoin there is a new hard money…

De-Dollarization Trend Remains Intact

Global de-dollarization resumed in the second quarter according to data recently released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). While the dollar share of global reserves increased in the first quarter of 2020, it fell sharply in Q2, resuming a more than two-year trend downward….