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Nasdaq Futures Tumble

Michael Burry Bets $1.6 Billion Against Market: ‘Big Short’ Investor Takes Bearish Stance on S&P 500 and NASDAQ

BanksterCrime: In filings with securities authorities released on Monday, renowned hedge fund manager Michael Burry, whose exploits were famously captured in the film “The Big Short,” took a bearish stance on the market. Burry’s Scion Asset Management shorted the S&P…

Traders On Edge As Futures Fail To Rebound After Wednesday Rout

US equity futures were subdued and European stocks rebounded from an early selloff as markets tried to stem the Wednesday rout sparked after a range of Fed speakers urged further fiscal stimulus, even as investors braced for another staggering weekly…

Nasdaq Futures Tumble, Stocks Slide As SoftBank Unwinds, Dollar Jumps

If SoftBank’s presence in the public markets was enough to send global markets to 9 consecutive all time highs while stretching tech valuations to unprecedented levels, then it is to be expected that SoftBank’s unwind of its notorious “Nasdaq Whale”…