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Three Branches of U.S. Government Have Kept the Secrets of Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Man, Leslie Wexner, Locked Up Tight, Now the House of Cards Fall!

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: January 12, 2024 ~ Leslie Wexner (left); Jack Kessler (right). Both men were involved in the New Albany Company with Jeffrey Epstein.  Official photo from the New Albany Company Website. The U.S. Senate Finance Committee, part…

“Stand Down!” – How One Navy Seal Killed A Multi-Billion Hedge Fund

It has now been revealed that the fall of Dan Kamensky’s Marble Ridge Capital was at the hands of a former Navy SEAL, turned trader. Joe Femenia, the head of distressed-debt trading at Jefferies Financial Group, is the man who was…