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Citigroup Will Shed 20,000 Positions by 2026 Following a $1.8 Billion a Shortfall 1/17/24

2026 job cuts by Citigroup following a $1.8 billion lossOver the next two years, Citigroup anticipates cutting 20,000 positions, or roughly 10% of its staff, the bank, with its headquarters in New York, stated on Friday. The third-largest bank in…

After Getting the Largest Bailout in U.S. History in 2008, 85.5 Percent of the $1.34 Trillion in Deposits at Citigroup’s Citibank Lack FDIC Insurance Today

BanksterCrime: By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: Jane Fraser, Citigroup CEO As evidenced by the speech that the FDIC Chair, Martin Gruenberg, delivered at a conference yesterday, the FDIC is very much aware that both the level of uninsured deposits and…