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Capitalism In America: How A Dismal Decimal Is Robbing Americans Blind

There is no hiding anymore, the United States has become an oligarch owned banana republic with nukes, and with a monopoly currency which has allowed it to rig the markets for half a century. But now we are only a couple of…

Global Markets Hit All-Time High As Traders Brace For “Phase Two” Optimism

This is where we stand as we enter Monday morning: European markets are firmer this morning, though the FTSE 100 significantly outperforms on a second-wave of UK election optimism. China State Council stated it will continue to suspend additional tariffs…

Stocks Erase Trump-Trade-Tantrum Dump As Dollar Soars To New Record High

For those who have received Christ as Savior from sin, the time of Jacob’s trouble is something for which we should praise the Lord, for it demonstrates that God keeps His promises. He has promised us eternal life through Christ…