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Watchman Expects Many Bank Failures: Accredited Weiss Research Predicts That 5,274 U.S. Banks Will Fail

BanksterCrime: “The underlying financial weaknesses in the U.S. banking industry are widespread, and the FDIC’s newly expanded guarantee of all deposits does nothing to protect shareholders in bank holding companies, who could still lose most or all of their money,”…

Moody’s Cuts Credit Ratings on 10 Banks; Places 4 of the 15 Largest Banks in U.S. on Review for Possible Downgrade

BanksterCrime: Brace yourself for some tremors in the stock prices of banks today — especially those that have counterparty risk to the biggest U.S. banks. In a move that sent Dow futures on a steady downward plunge beginning at 5 a.m….

Market AGAIN More Precariously Euphoric Than Any Time in History

The sudden hope of multiple vaccines appears to have inoculated the market against an epidemic of bad news that would normally drive markets down. First, the most stridently contested (and possibly corrupt) election any of us has ever witnessed is…