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recession within six-months

Crashing Capital Markets and Banking Sector Bankruptcies, Followed by a Flood of Corporate Bankruptcies

Could the coronavirus act as a catalyst for a new global economic crisis? It certainly has that potential – but how would the crisis proceed?   In the December 2018 issue of our Q-Review, we laid out the likely scenarios of an approaching global economic collapse….

JPMorgan Profit Plunges To 7 Year Low On $6.8 Billion In Loan Loss Reserves As Dimon Warns Of “Severe Recession”

And so the worst quarterly earnings season since the financial crisis (at least until the catastrophic Q2 earnings) is off, when moments ago JPMorgan reported that it missed expectations, with earnings plunging from a year ago, reporting Q1 adjusted revenue…

Nine States Headed For Recession In Six-Months, Most Since Financial Crisis

President Trump’s core campaign promise was to “Make America Great Again,” through a revival of the manufacturing complex via launching a trade war against China and debt-fueled tax cuts for corporations. Most of the recovery, well, it was a sugar high,…