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Snyder: It’s Much Worse Than You Are Being Told

For a long time I warned that our economic bubble would burst and that we would plunge into a nightmarish economic collapse.  Now it has happened, and it turns out that fear of COVID-19 was the “black swan event” that triggered…

Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, And An Epic Trail Of Destruction

The Institutional Risk Analyst, we review the new book by David Enrich, “Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction.” Enrich is currently a financial editor at The New York Times and was previously an editor at The Wall Street…

The Food Shortage and the Coming Tribulation’s

There Are Not Enough Pigs in the World to Fill China’s Pork Hole… African swine fever has wiped out herds of pigs all over China – by some estimates more than half – and it now appears the global supply…